Whether you are engaged in an occupation or having your own business, the most important thing is to look after its image and make it known.




ShareMobile is a micro-site that is perfectly suited to the size of any cell phone.

Built entirely with web technology, ShareMobile offers the advantage of being able to integrate any digital format for presenting your business.

You will have the opportunity to showcase your business through photos, videos, audio, etc.

In CreaImage we help you to present the image of your business in a professional manner, thus ensuring a greater impact on your customers.




Powerful Marketing Tool


ShareMobile is also an application that allows a sharing business information almost immediately with your customers and prospects.

Your client does not need to seek information on the internet but you put it in their hands.



Forget those old business cards



Statistics show that nearly 90% of the business cards are thrown away, instead ShareMobile has a mechanism that allows the customer to save on his own cell all your business information with the push of a button; so you will  always be present in the hands of your customers.

The information to store ShareMobile takes up minimal space in the cell.

You can share your ShareMobile without limitation and because it is an application, you will never run out of cards to share.








To make matters worse, ShareMobile can download an icon (or company logo) on the screen phones of your clients; as do important applications such as Facebook, Yahoo, Google, etc.

This detail of always being on the main screen adds a tremendous opportunity for communication between you and your customers.




Always Updated

Whether you have 10, 100, 1.000 or 10.000 customers, ShareMobile make them immediately available for any change in the information of your business. Thus if you change phone number, location, email, etc. customers always accede to your latest information.

We assure you that there is no way that a conventional business card do this.


eCommerce Apps

Among the many applications that can be added to your ShareMobile is e-commerce.

You can have a virtual store open 24 hours, where customers can not only appreciate your products but may also make purchases through card payments safely.


Social Networks

ShareMobile flexibility is huge in its integration with social networks, so much so that we dare to assure you that there is not one that we can not integrate.

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What you are seeing is a good example of our ShareMobile and we have added multiple pictures, images, colors, text fonts, maps and buttons to show that there are no limits when displaying the image of your business.

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